Soylent Green
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: February 26th 2010

I do expect big things, when the info sheet delivers statements like this: "The Heavy Metal Opera is consisting of 12 acts and celebrates epic and melodic Heavy Metal with changing moods and powerful hymnic refrains. Through skilful varying from euphoric to dark moments a majestic and vivid atmosphere is build up, which donít stand one second behind of those from other bands like Ayreon, Savatage and Gamma Ray", but must say that Pandea do sadly enough not quite have the quality and music to support what the label is promising.

The influences from the bands mentioned above are pretty clear from the beginning and some songs borders to the greatness of all three. But one thing is clearly holding this concept album back: some of the lead vocals are simply not strong enough to carry the album to high levels. The deliverance is too mediocre for me to throw any superlatives at them. Another thing I think is done in a very amateurish way is the narrating; please get someone, who can narrate in English without an awful accent!

And it is a real shame because the composing sides of things show a skilful and talented band just listen to the excellent "Hands Tied Up" - a song with some strong Savatage references, "Chance" first and foremost. For most parts Pandea sounds like a progressive version of Gamma Ray with small pinches of Ayreon thrown in and even Pink Floyd rears it's ugly head on a few occasions as well.

Basically it is very simple: the ideas are good, but the execution lacks in some important areas and has a negative effect on the result to make this something exceptional. Start tweaking and build on the things that are working, and we might have something extraordinary to look forward to. This could have been so much better if only...

01. Intro (0:59)
02. Lost Eternity (5:11)
03. Nomadic Life (5:37)
04. Clan of Saluation (6:31)
05. Point of no Return (4:50)
06. Today's Tuesday (4:30)
07. Eden Again (5:43)
08. Hands Tied up (7:16)
09. Final Real (4:05)
10. Flesh and Light (7:31)
11. Golden Gate (6:32)
12. Outro (0:31)
Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 9th 2010