Orden Ogan
Easton Hope
Style: Power Metal
Release date: January 22nd 2010

My impression of Orden Ogan wasn't that great in the beginning. At first I was thrown off, for when I saw their genre and the country where they are from (Germany), I must admit that I had a misconception and figured them as Gamma Ray and Helloween clones. I had so little hint of what was to come, especially due to the perfect example that lies on the intro.

The intro kind of gave off a very majestic and symphonic feel. That influenced and supported my ideals even further. Then you get to the second track and you just stop and think, 'alright, what was the point of that intro?'. It just shifted suddenly from the feeling of epicness to a faster heavy Prog. Oh but don't you worry, the orchestrations will be back in the middle of the 2nd track and it will be throughout the 3rd song... For the sake of making sense, the 3rd song should have been the 2nd. But perhaps that's what it is, just for hook and shock value. But you'll see, the confusion will soon pass and then you will finally have all the good stuff.

Later, you realize that their style of music is not that traditional Power Metal sound. That over hyped, hooky and relatively happy sound. You will not find yourself moving after only listening to them once. I would say after the second listen is when I started to understand their music. The more I listened, the more I appreciated their music and realized how ingenious it really is. You go into the maze and uncover the purpose and the heart of their music. It has that complex factor that just fits the vocals. Which is by the way, intriguing in terms of how Power Metal 'vocals' go.

The production is very thorough and crystal clear. It's unbelievably amazing that you can hear every layer of music. They're just so polished and clean. I'm quite convinced and would humbly say that they pretty much sum up their own identity. Though the song, 'We are Pirates', sounds to me like bits and pieces of a Hammerfall song. Other than that, I can't say that I hear too much essence of any corresponding Power Metal bands on their tab.

The vocals could have been better, though. It just seems like some songs could have been taken to the next level if the vocals were a bit more powerful. At some point it just can't keep up on the aggressiveness of the music which really disappoints...

But, it deserves your undivided attention, for Orden Ogan gives the word 'variety' a meaning.

01. Rise and Ruin (2:16)
02. Nobody Leaves (5:57)
03. Goodbye (4:10)
04. Easton Hope (6:49)
05. Welcome Liberty (5:46)
06. All These Dark Years (5:47)
07. Nothing Remains (6:46)
08. Requiem (4:58)
09. We are Pirates (7:34)
10. The Black Heart (6:00)
11. Of Downfall and Decline
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: February 2nd 2010
Website: www.ordenogan.de