Open Fire
Sipario Di Notte Vestito
Style: Dark Alternative Rock/Metal and stuff
Release date: 2010

Open Fire hails from Italy and íSipario Di Notte Vestitoí is their first full length album if Iím correct.


We get 13 songs sung in Italian with both clean and aggressive vocals. The music shifts from laid back dark rock (with alternative touches) to modern dark metal sadly with no real impact in my opinion.


The CD lasts for about 55 minutes and I feel like itís going on and on and on. Every song is on the exact same level and nothing REALLY sticks out. A few of the songs wins a little with each listen but the style isnít exactly my kinda music. Alternative rock and alternative modern metal fans will probably get more out of the songs that I do. To put it simple; Iím not on home ground here.


All I can do is to advice you to check the band and their music out and be your own judge about it.


01. Overture: L'Altra Faccia

02. I Cancelli Della Percezione

03. Il Peso Del Cielo

04. Palpebre

05. Sipario

06. L'ultima Parola

07. Mantide

08. Ingiurie All' Intelletto

09. Coma

10. Audrey

11. Il Cammino Della Polvere

12. Il Settimo Sigillo (Quadro I)

13. Il Settimo Sigillo (Quadro II)

Label: Self Produced
Promotion: Gatti Promotion
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 18th 2010