Style: Modern American Rock/Metal
Release date: August 2nd 2010

As a reviewer you always hope to get an album that really blows your head off. It is very easy to write a review because you are so enthusiastic about it that the words arise by themselves. Also a very bad record is easy to review. The most difficult ones to review are those albums that are average or just below or above average. Why isn't it a real top album and why doesn't it suck completely? The last 5 albums I reviewed including this one are all rated between the 75 and 85 points and I find it very difficult to say why one band gets 75 and another 85. I think it is just the mood I'm in that makes the difference.

Nonpoint has been more popular in the USA than in Europe. The rather mainstream rock they play with some post grunge influences is still rather popular. Bands such as Soil, Disturbed and Sevendust are still going strong. Nonpoint has fortunately succeeded in making an album that is rather heavy, but still very mainstream, certainly when you compare it to their earlier albums. Elias Soriano's voice is not a forced 'I am so angry' hardcore-like one, but he has a more warm rock sound and it can be compared with for example David Draiman. The Pantera cover "5 Minutes Alone" isn't as heavy as the original, but it is a nice implementation.

Most of the songs are rather short and that is the power of them and I think that Nonpoint with this album might become a little bit more popular in Europe too. Fans of Disturbed, Soil and Sevendust will like this one for certain.


01. Shadow

02. Miracle

03. Crazy

04. Frontlines

05. Looking Away

06. Electricity

07. What You've Got For Me

08. Throwing Stones

09. 5 Minutes Alone

10. What I've Become

11. Dangerous Waters

12. Lucky # 13

Label: Powerage Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: August 3rd 2010