Non Opus Dei
Eternal Circle
Style: Blackened Death Metal
Release date: September 15th 2010
Playing time: 31:00

Right, if you read the promo cover sheet that comes with this CD, you might think that these four Poles have lost it. It's all talk about demons, Nietzsche, ideologies, etc. But it's cool. It's a long promo text, can't help reading it though. An explanation is needed, of course, since I won't grab much of the lyrics - they're in Polish, mind you. I have a feeling that these guys are something else.

Their music, on the other hand, is something we've heard before. It falls into the death metal basket, but there's a definite black metal influence. Doses of Morbid Angel are detactable, especially in some of the guitar work and the blast beat drumming. I'd define this as good, solid blackened death metal. It won't stand out as a genre classic, but it's definitely well-worth a listen.


1. Woda Dla Umarlych
2. The Prisoner of the Worlds
3. Demon Nietzschego
4. Dark Nebula
5. Przystrojona Sloncem
6. Death Hussar Legions
7. Point Zero
8. Galaxy in Her
9. Until the Wheel Stops

Label: Witching Hour Productions
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 17th 2010
Website: Non Opus