and the Frozen Orchestra
The Dawn of the Dark Age
Style: Orchestral/classical
Release date: October 25th 2010
Playing time: 60:00

Quite unusually, this is the second intrumental album I review within the span of one week. I was mightily impressed by the Polish band Lebowski whose progressive, jazzy, yet relaxing album was a true tour de force in musicianship.

The same can be said of Nightbreeder's 'The Dawn of the Dark Age'. It is an album I have truly enjoyed listening to over the past days. Nightbreeder is a project by Simone Giorgini, classically trained musician and author. Consequently, 'The Dawn of the Dark Age' is like an audio book with an elaborate soundtrack. An amazing soundtrack, in fact.

It's classical, orchestral music with a metal atmosphere. It's dark and dramatic in the King Diamond, Mortiis or Danzig way, and at the same time impressingly beautiful.

If you like movie soundtracks in the Horner, Nyman, Elfman vein, the latest Dimmu Borgir and the instrumental bits by King Diamond, then I suggest you get your arse down to your nearest record broker right away. This is one you don't want to miss!

Note to Giorgini: Have someone proof read the English narrative bits - it might heighten the overall experience even further...


01. Overture - At the Gates of Mystery 

02. The Secrets of Antarktica

03. Eileen's Lullaby
04. Interlude I - The Cold's Inhabitant
05. The Legend of the Vagantes Ignes
06. The Guardian's Prophecy
07. Angel in Black
08. Eileen's Farewell
09. Interlude II - A Tale About the Snow
10. Il Pianto Degli Angeli
11. Interlude III - I'm the Horror
12. The Nameless Indian's Gift
13. Spellbound
14. Interlude IV - The Shining Pendant
15. The Dawn of the Dark Age
16. Forever Angel (bonus track)


Label: Crash 'n' Burn Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: December 23rd 2010
Website: Nightbreeder@MySpace