Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks
Style: Gothic-doom metal
Release date: November 11th 2010
Playing time: 26:17

I am not going to tell you what the translation of Nicht is in Dutch, you wouldn't give your band that name, believe me. Nicht has to be a German band I thought, but I was wrong. They hail from France and I haven't got any idea why they call their band Nicht. 


Nicht was born in October 2009. The project was initiated by Eudes and Laetitia bringing together a mixture of various influences and creating a personal and vibrant world. They bring us songs with goth, metal and doom influences. It reminds me a bit of the latest Paradise Lost albums and Katatonia. I think that fans of those two bands will probably like this band too. However, Nicht doesn't write songs on the same high level (yet) as those two and the female vocals are sometimes a bit false. In general Iggy Sharpe Blake's vocals could have sounded more aggressive and more interesting, more sinister and creepy.


Not a bad EP, but if it wasn't released, I wouldn't have missed it either. For fans of Paradise Lost and Katatonia.  


01. Paralysis

02. Out of Reach

03. Last Breath

04. Hope

05. Room 19

06. Head Trip

07. Black Blight

Label: Unsigned
Promotion: Lugga Music Productions
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 19th 2010