The Obsidian Conspiracy
Style: Metal!
Release date: May 31st 2010

The only question is how high the bar has been set this time? Nevermore has throughout their career never failed to deliver at the highest possible level. And my fascination and admiration began all the way back when Dave Mustain took Sanctuary under his wings and ignited the spark for them. Warrel Dane and Jeff Loomis have from that day forth had a predominant role in my musical universe.

"The Obsidian Conspiracy" is a world-beater and the album to top this year! Nevermore is in impeccable form throughout "The Obsidian Conspiracy" and this is the complete package, and you really need to nitpick minor details to find flaws on this album.

I thought that their 2005 album "This Godless Endeavor" would catapult them into the stratosphere, and it surely made them a better known name in the metal community, but the last step up was never really taken. So what have they done to take the step with "The Obsidian Conspiracy"? They have simply gone back to their roots, turned the aggressiveness down a bit and simplified things some. And the result is a smashing and breathtaking piece of metal that sweeps away all kind of competition, leaving the rest behind in the dust.

Warrel Dane picks vocally up where he left us with his solo album and sings and screams his feelings out like never before, his new lifestyle has surely had a very positive effect on his vocals. Jeff Loomis is a master on the fret-board and the album is firmly packed with brilliant riffs and leads. The rhythm section is the unsung heroes again, delivering the goods almost unnoticed - but they form one of the best and tightest units around and everything is done to perfection.

Peter Wichers, who Warrel worked together with on his solo album, has produced the album and long-time partners Andy Sneap and Travis Smith have taken care of the mix and cover art respectively and the outcome is impeccable. Small, but important parts of Nevermore's journey to the pantheon of metal and the message from them is clear; "Beat this"!

The challenge is on, and I am pretty confident that Nevermore will be victorious!

01. The Termination Proclamation (3:12)
02. Your Poison Throne (3:54)
03. Moonrise (Through Mirrors of Death) (4:03)
04. And the Maiden Spoke (5:00)
05. Emptiness Unobstructed (4:39)
06. The Blue Marble and the New Soul (4:41)
07. Without Morals (4:19)
08. The Day You Built the Wall (4:23)
09. She Comes in Colors (5:34)
10.The Obsidian Conspiracy (5:16)
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 5th 2010