Lightning Strikes Twice
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: November 5th 2010
Playing time: 54:03

The revival of the classic 80s style hard rock has made another dinosaur come out of hiding: Nelson.
Yes, the band that had a huge success with their debut album "After the Rain". Most people most likely remember them as the band with the two pretty boys: Gunnar and Matthew Nelson in front with their long blond hair, singing their most famous tune: "(Can't Live without Your) Love & Affection". They have been chasing the success they had ever since, and now after a ten years absence they are back with "Lightning Strikes Twice". 

Gone is the long hair, but the music is still pretty much the same; still very classic sounding 80s influenced hard rock. If this album had been the follow up to their debut album then I am sure songs like "Call Me", "To Get back To You" or "When You're Gone" would have spun off a couple of hit singles, but the musical landscape has changed so dramatically that this will only gain some recognition amongst genre freaks.

It's not like that this is a bad album, but the excitement is also easily overlooked. A fine collection of hard rock songs that fall nicely in line with so many other releases this year, not outstanding, but still at an acceptable level... Fans of theirs won't be disappointed, but your regular hard rock fan will be asking for a bit now than is on offer here...

01. Call Me (4:13)
02. Day By Day (4:09)
03. Ready Willing And Able (4:10)
04. How Can I Miss You? (4:58)
05. Youíre All I Need Tonight (4:07)
06. To Get Back To You (5:51)
07. When Youíre Gone (5:34)
08. Take Me There (4:41)
09. Come (3:33)
10. In It For The Money (4:29)
11. Change A Thing (3:40)
12. Kickin My Heart Around (4:38)
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: October 27th 2010