Panzer Metal
Style: Blackened Death Metal
Release date: May 21st 2010

Well, well, what do you know. There's still rebellion in metal after all. This geezer on the other side of the aile of the train from Copenhagen where I sit right now just complained about the 'white noise' that comes from my headphones. I explained to him that it is black metal and that it's supposed to sound like that...

Anyway, family fathers who want a quiet journey aside, he's got a point. Black metal ain't pretty, and German Negator certainly aren't either. There's death metal in the pot, but it's still mostly black metal, thin and crisp sounding, and 90 miles per hour with a few exceptions.

They have a tinge old earlier Dimmu Borgir, but apart from that, it's more genuine black metal coldness that rules the day. In my book, this is an alright release, however the straight-on black metal vocal is enervating at length and the songs become too repetitive for my taste.

Probably a band to could be great to see live (if it's a live band at all?), but this recording is most likely going to collect dust on my harddrive.


1. Dignity Of War
2. Alte Werte
3. Feuersturm
4. Final Avowal
5. Scent Of Styrax
6. Misanthropic Manifest
7. Panzer Metal
8. Illness Mankind

Label: Remedy Records
Distribution: Soulfood Music
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: September 29th 2010
Website: Negator @MySpace