Divinity of Death
Style: Black / Thrash
Release date: June 15th 2010

The wave of the Norwegian export black metal obviously is able to suffocate every other style made somewhere further north.  It is able indeed but some other music extremists frequently take a sip of breath. They take it but it seems that they can take only half of it.


Necromantheon manifest that they are a thrash band yet with the SLAYER like riff in the first track. But their label mentioned in the press sheet that the gender is black/thrash. The black metal waft indeed is rather apparent. The fast songs, besides the early SLAYER, have taken a lot from the early death metal scene – MORBID ANGEL, DISMEMBER. The black metal sound gets on in the songs with the manner of the performing – an overflowed and choking guitar riff which is passing into buzzing, supported by fast but monotonous drum cannonade. The extremely pleasant (for me) vocals of Arse are close to the style of Martin van Drunen.


The merited for the contemporary thrash vocal performance at some places has too much singing and enters the black metal cliché. The artwork of the front cover is not gone further. The full length debut of Necromantheon as a gender is too close to the music of their country-mates BLOOD TSUNAMI. The songs are fast and short. Some black and thrash tendencies are racing one to another. The guitar work definitely is a minus to the album as well as the uniformity of the riffs.


Only the first and the last song are impressive and memorizing because of their inspiration from SLAYER and VENOM. However this music is not for the fans of the above mentioned bands. It is mostly for fans of DARK THRONE.


01. Gringo Death

02. Point of no Return

03. Cry Havoc

04. Divinity of Death

05. Lex Talionis

06. Devolutionary Storms

07. Tortured in Tartaros

08. Further Beyond

09. Acid Visions

10. Psyonide

11. Alchoholy Terror

Label: High Roller Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: April 30th 2010