Naughty Boys
Destiny Calls
Style: Sleaze / Hard Rock
Release date: September 9th 2009

After their critical claimed debut "R You Naughty Enough?" (2007) the Swedish rockers Naughty Boys are back with their brand new album, "Destiny Calls". I will keep this plain & simple here. If you are looking for some good 80's Sleaze / Hard Rock well this is the album for you. I hear so many influences from that period but the few take stick in my mind are L.A Guns, thanks mainly to the gruffly vocals of Micke., Slaughter, Ratt & Vain...

I found it very hard to get motivated to do this review for the plain fact that it just doesn't do it for me sorry. After about half way through the album it just loses me and becomes back ground music. That said it is still a solid album if you like your rock a bit sleazy. But "Destiny Calls" wont spin to many times in my CD player.

01. Destiny Calls
02. Walk Away
03. Endless Pain
04. Don't Turn Around
05. Light Of The Day
06. Eternity
07. Broken
08. Time
09. Head Held High
10. Runaway Train
11. Fly With The Angels
Label: N-Records
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: January 14th 2010