My Silent Wake

IV et Lux Perpetua

Style: Doom
Release date:

November 1st 2010

Playing time: 46:08

Three stamps marked the music of My Silent Wake: 1. lasting for years efforts of a musician not to betray the metal; 2. the supported succession in the doom metal tradition as well as the contemporary reading of this tradition; 3. the third element according to one point of view is hidden somewhere in the British mist, and according to another one it is in the all-swallowing British melancholy.


Tender female vocals will not fit this kind of music and perhaps for this purpose the doom/death project ASHEN MORTALITY turns to dust from where MY SILENT WAKE are born. The guitarist Ian Arkley who also sings started his career with the Christian thrashers SEVENTH ANGEL.  He has a recognizable composers’ talent. Although we speak about different genders there are riffs which are universal for metal and at the same time unique for the band and particularly in reference to the above mentioned guitar player.


If in their previous releases the band followed the path built by MY DYING BRIDE, now in “Fourth and Unquenchable Light” My Silent Wake indeed play themselves and have succeeded to express it. Their doom metal is decorated with heavy guitars, aggressive singing and avoiding the melody, and it has even some psychedelic moments. The feeling sometimes reminds MY DYING BRIDE and at the same time brings options of contemporary funeral doom metal. Suddenly are melted acoustic moments or pure singing without disfiguring the metal twang of the album. The song before the last one starts as a forgotten minor ‘Roadhouse Blues’ (DOORS) which develops as a doom metal song. The band announces their last track as their new direction of development. It seems that they will stress on the singing in a pure voice, because the song reminds a lot of COUNT RAVEN who managed to build a style of their own despite the echoes of BLACK SABBATH.


It seems that the sad feeling in the music of My Silent Wake has absorbed the dark sides of BLACK SABBATH and the melancholy of MY DYING BRIDE and PARADISE LOST without overdone ornamentations. The music of My Silent Wake is traditional and innovative at the same time, and it will captivate every doom metal fan! And their uncompromising attitude will captivate metal admirers of every type!


01.   Et Lux Perpetua
02.   Death Becomes Us
03.   Black Endless Water
04.   Father
05.   Graven Years
06.   My Silent Wake
07.   Between Wake and Sleep

08.   Journey’s End

Label: Dark Balance
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 3rd 2010