Musica Diablo
Musica Diablo
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: May 28th 2010

Looking for straight forward old school thrash metal with a modern touch? Looking for thrash metal that sounds like a mix of early-Sepultura, early-Testament, Death Angel, Dark Angel and so on?


Well... here you have it: MUSICA DIABLO from Brazil formed by Andre NM (Nitrominds) and joined by Andre Curci, Edu Nicollini, Ricardo Brigas AND Derrick Green (Sepultura).


This is not groundbreaking or original at all but itís one hell of a ride. We get all the right trademarks such as; Speedy riffs, aggressive vocals, fast drumming... you name it. This album is perfect for the old school freak that canít cope with all the new, modern, core-stuff.


We get 11 tracks with a fine production. 11 great tracks that will kick your ass. 11 tracks and 33 minutes of pure thrash that will floor you if you play it loud.


Enough said!


01. Sweet Revenge

02. Sacrifice

03. Live To Buy

04. Underlord

05. Work Out

06. Lifeless

07. In The Name Of Greed

08. Betrayed

09. The Flame Of Anger

10. Twisted Hate

11. The Rack

Label: SAOL / H' ART / Zebralution
Distribution: cmm GmbH
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 3rd 2010