Mother of Sin
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: September  2010
Playing time: 56:31

I was rather surprised that a band with such a high musical level lives just around the corner. Of course I had read some things about this band, but I never took the trouble to find out more about them. Now I am glad that I made an effort to get my hands on this second album. If their debut 'Apathy' is as good as this one, I am thinking of getting it as well.

This album was produced in the S&K studio with Dick Kemper behind the buttons. He did a fine job and all the instruments are mixed in well. I have never understood why there are so few power metal bands in my country. In Germany and in the Scandinavian countries there are so many and in general they have a lot of success. In Holland we bang away with Kamelot, Symphony X, Helloween and Gamma Ray, so why not with Mother of Sin also? Perhaps it is just a matter of time, or do we all think that what comes from abroad is better? With 'Absolution' it should just be a matter of time, I think. Of course there are some things they should work on. One thing is in my opinion the vocals, especially when Eduard Hovinga (ex-Elegy) uses the very high ones he sometimes charges himself. He could stay a little bit lower to make it even better. In the other regions he is a good power metal vocalist!

The guitar solos vary from slow to shredding ones and the keyboard parts give a nice atmosphere to the songs. The music is rather technical but at the same time very straight-forward too, which makes it easy to listen to and it doesn't take you long to like them.

Fans of Stratovarius, Edguy, Kamelot, Queensryche (early), Symphony X, Cacaphony and all the other bands that play familiar kind of stuff should give this band a chance, try to get your personal copy, you will not regret it!


01. Redemption

02. Everlasting

03. Stone

04. Failing In This Skin

05. Higher Ground

06. Soul Searching

07. Braced

08. Luna

09. Overflow

10. Against The Grain

11. Heaven Is Burning

12. Absolution

Label: Independent
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 24th 2010