Tales from the Grave
Style: Medieval Melodic Death Metal
Release date: May 30th 2010

After I have had to review a few bad albums lately and now the Spanish band Mistweaver is on display. Odd thing about this album is that the drums were recorded back in 2007 with a hired session drummer called Alfred Berengena. Later on they completed the entire album and eventually 2 years later it will be released. It must be somewhat frustrating to complete an album and waiting for a release for such a long time.

The first thing that sticks out is the carrying keyboard parts in their music. You can compare it a little bit with a band like Dark Tranquillity. The use of the keys sees to more melody and keeps the songs more interesting. The guitars could have been a little clearer and the guitar solos are sometimes a bit false. The songs however are arranged fairly well, but the growls of Raul Weaver could have been more convincing. With Andy LaRocque as producer the album has at least a decent sound and that lifts the rating for this album up to a fair mark. What remains is that Mistweaver is still an average death metal combo and with the many releases it will be difficult to attract attention.

An average album from a band that needs to improve on the next record, otherwise they will drown in a crowded market.


01. Fairytaile

02. Sons of Darkness

03. Into the Realms of Dead

04. Siren of the Hellish Seas

05. Voices From the Grave

06. The Pestilence

07. Smell of Death

08. May God Deliver Death

09. Through the Gate of Timeless Departure

10. Another Enless Night

11. A New Version of the Apocalypse

12. 666 - The Call

13. A Madman's Epitaph

Label: Australis Records
Provided by: Lugga Music
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 12th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/mistweaver666