Dragon Fire
Style: Neo-classical Metal
Release date: October 15th 2010
Playing time: 63:29

Keyboard virtuoso Mistheria has written a cool collection of neo-classical metal songs that has very strong links to three of front-runners in the genre: Yngwie Malmsteen, Artension and Royal Hunt. And to underline it further he has brought in some vocalists with strong links to the same bands: John West and Mark Boals. Other guest vocalists sharing their pipes on "Dragon Fire" are: Rob Rock, Lance King and Titta Tani.

If I didn't know better I might easily come to the conclusion that some of the songs were written by Andre Andersen, Yngwie Malmsteen or Vitalij Kuprij! Yes, it is that close and the similarities are at times very obvious, and the fact is that within the confines of neo-classical metal it is often the case that things sound much alike.

This is not for you if you insists that your music should be original, but if you want fast power metal combined with classical parts, high speed guitar runs, blistering keyboard runs, great keyboard and guitar duels and leads, some very convincing vocal performances, all wrapped in a good production then I suggest you give this one a listen...

01. Dragon Fire (5:08)
02. Lies & Deception (4:12)
03. Killing the Pain (1:27)
04. Two of Us (8:01)
05. Metal Opera pt.1: A.D.1982 (5:19)
06. Metal Opera pt.2: Eye of the Storm (6:20)07. Now Itís Never (4:42)
08. Fire & Flames (5:27)
09. Prelude 18 In F min (1:08)
10. Chopin Fantasy (5:58)
11. The Power of One (6:42)
12. The Beast (4:27)
13. A Beautiful Dream (4:35)
Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: October 11th 2010
Website: www.mistheria.com