Milking the Goat Machine
Back from the Goats
Style: Goatgrind
Release date: November 30th 2009

LOL, this is good fun! Surf Goataragua! Goatthrower! Hahahahaha, not bad.

The combination of doses of deadly death-grind and a healthy portion humour has always attracted me. Milking the Goatmachine from the planet GoatEborg (!) meets the requirements to the full.

With a mixture of slow, groovy and fast grind, the goatgrinders threaten to take over our unexpecting planet. Itís not ultra-tight, admitted, but it doesnít really matter. Itís still cool and above all entertaining because of the variation, the weird interludes, goat calls and bingo bongo chants and fundamentally silly lyrical concept.

How or if this concept will work on a second album, Iím not sure, but Iíll try not to think about that now and just enjoy the slaughter. Iím sure Milking the Goatmachine have a master plan ready for their next step towards world domination.

I want to see this live!

Hail the goats!


01. March into shed 2:17
02. A tale of slaughtering 3:11
03. Surf Goataragua 2:29
04. Sour milk boogie 2:12
05. Goats got no clits 2:15
06. Rise of the wise goat 2:18
07. Bingo Bongo 1:41
08. Eaten blessed scum 2:45
09. Goatthrower 2:57
10. Feed the goat 2:34
11. Wasting away 2:44
12. The last unigoat 1:59
13. Born, lost and captured 3:11
14. Back from the goats 3:58

Label: Anstalt Records
Promotion: Nuclear Blast Records
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: January 16th 2010
Website: MTGM MySpace