Unite and Conquer
Style: Hardrock/Heavy Metal
Release date: March 26th 2010

Outside of Holland not an act that are well known, although some might have seen the band supporting Blaze in Germany, Belgium or Spain. On the local scene however, they have enjoyed some popularity and in June they will play a gig at the Dokk 'em Open Air festival. After releasing a MCD called 'Sentenced to Rock' in 2005, they have finally recorded their first full-length. What counts for them is that they didn't skate on one day's ice and they have taken the time to work things out perfectly; nice artwork and a good production.

The music is a kind of ode to what heavy metal is about. They really went back to the roots, so don't expect anything new. They just play good old-school hardrock/metal influenced by Maiden, Priest, Def Leppard, Kiss, Saxon, Metallica and several other early 80's acts. Titles such as "Hardrock Showdown", "Get Ready to Rock", and "Lock & Load" speak for itself. Vocalist Jan Veenstra is an average vocalist, with the capability to improve, as for now he is not yet a top singer, but good enough. One track I have to mention is "Thunder": the opening riff is Metallica ("Metal Militia") all the way and after that it turns in a kind of Maiden/Metallica mix with a very commercial refrain, one of the better songs.

Most of the tracks are average songs, nice stuff for the real old-school heavy metal fan. The only song that is not good enough in my opinion is the ballad "Brothers in Arms". On that song you can hear the limitations of vocalist Jan.

Final conclusion: Nice average heavy metal album with possibilities to gain more fans, especially in countries like Germany and Japan.

01. Hardrock Showdown

02. Go All the Way

03. Forever

04. Brothers in Arms

05. Running in Circles

06. Get Ready to Rock

07. Thunder

08. Lock & Load

09. Unite and Conquer




Metal Revelation

Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: April 10th 2010