Mastic Scum
Style: Death Metal
Release date: November 13th 2009

íDustí from death metallers MASTIC SCUM is a grower that I actually hated the very first time I gave it a listen. But of course I gave it another chance... and another... and suddenly everything fell into the right place.


The heavy... and I mean heavy riffs, the guitar runs, the drumming... it all came to life. ĎDustí transformed from being boring and dull to one hell of a death metal album. And itís the guitar runs that did it for me. MASTIC SCUM have managed to string together 12 tracks that contains melody without sounding sappy. Yes... it can be done. MASTIC SCUM is the living proof.


The more I listen to ĎDustí the more I like it. I find it quite amazing how well they blend down tuned riffs with fast yet melodic runs without losing their brutality. Amazing.


And thatís actually all you need to know. Go buy it... throw it in your player and just let it blossom and after a few spins youíll discover an album you canít live without.


Nice one.


01. Ashes To Dust

02. Construcdead

03. The Consciousness In A State Of Mind

04. Regression

05. Dead Remains

06. The Sufferage

07. A Life For A Lie

08. Blood For Blood

09. Revelation Of Mankind

10. Adrenaline 2.0

11. The Will To Kill

12. Extinction

Label: Twilight
Distribution: Twilight Vertrieb
Artwork rating: 76/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 6th 2010