Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: February 19th 2010

Mastermind is back, no not the board game, but the New Jersey based progressive rock band. First album featuring vocalist Tracy McShane, who joins the ranks of Bill Berends (guitars, keys, bass guitars) and Rich Berends (drums), and the album also features a very special guest: Jens Johansson (keyboards).

Just like the board game it is very hard to crack the code on 'Insomnia'; Mastermind tries to reach beyond the borders of progressive rock and not with the best result. I feel that they show their true colours within the confines of their old and tested style, but when they attempts journeys into Evanescence and Sinergy territory they are moving too much out of their comfort zone and fails to impress...

I think they are trying too hard on this album, and should focus on their strengths rather than trying to sound like something they are not. Tracy McShane has a good voice, not the strongest in the league, and they should write songs that fit her style a bit better. Sure progressive rock has to be adventurous and pushing the envelope, but it needs to be controlled and done well, sadly this ends up being a swing and a near miss.

Best moments: "Night Flier" (Rush inspired instrumental), "Nietzsche" and "Last Cigarette".

01. Desire (5:31)
02. Break Me Down (3:29)
03. One More Night (5:23)
04. Meltdown (4:13)
05. Piggy World (4:43)
06. No Answer (4:09)
07. Broken (4:22)
08. Night Flier (3:50)
09. Nietzsche (5:23)
10. Last Cigarette (9:16)
Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 3rd 2010