Last Desire
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: June 18th 2010

The inspiration touched the Italian quartet and a year after its debut Mastercastle presents us new richer material. I could define the style as hard rock. The melodic riff is colored with masterful solos. The sound does not become heavier. The vocalist Georgia Gueglio has created a lyrics’ concept which does not burden with progress. However the vocal performance is too burst into the songs. It has a reference more to the Italian pop music than to metal. The drums are rather monotonous although they sound pleasantly fast. The strongest influence to the music of Matercastle is Stratovarius. There are some Yngwie Malmsteen influences in the solos. The comparison to Rainbow is inevitable – radio-phonic songs, a keyboards’ makeweight at some places, and again the above mentioned articulation in the singing. The pure melodic voice is deprived of suggestion’s power.


Long ago Italy overcame the obstacles with the producing. “Last Desire” is an album which sound is rather cultivated. However the Italian rock and metal could not find their face! Matercastle also sound as something we have already listened to. It is something soft which aim is not to irritate the ear. The expression and the aggression are replaced with a large quantity of notes. The inspiration in the band seems to be heterogeneous. And for now the result from the efforts of Mastercastle is far from brilliant. The cover artwork completely responds to the music result.


01. Event Horizon

02. Misr

03. Wild Spell

04. Last Desire

05. Away

06. Space Trip

07. Jade Star

08. Great Heaven’s Climb

09. Cat-House

10. Toxie Radd

11. La Serenissima

12. Scarlett

Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: August 22nd 2010