Marya Roxx
Payback Time
Style: Rock
Release date: November 5th 2010
Playing time: 37:33

Estonian singer Marya Roxx has crossed the ocean from Eurovision nonsense to the Rock world. Surprisingly the transition has been a convincing one, as showcased by this debut album - a collection of quality and abrasive Hard Rock songs dense with catchy refrains and hard-hitting riffs. Indeed the music has hints of Motorhead, David Chastain (Leather Leone era) and Wendy O. Williams, amongst others.

Marya seems to have a knack for rubbing shoulders with just the right people that could help pave her path towards wider Rock stardom and this is certainly reflected in the above-average quality of "Payback Time". These 'people' include bass players Scott Metaxas (Nuclear Assault) and Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, Chroma Key), guitarist Paul Crook (Anthrax) and drummer Jim Roe (of Incantation fame). The cherry on the cake is Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Dream Theatre, HIM.....) who produced this album. It might be worth noting that it's not the first time Kevin has produced the debut album of a band who then went on to achieve global fame - time will tell if this will be the case with Marya Roxx.

Its lyrics are often cheesy and ridiculous and the music far from revolutionary but "Payback Time" still manages to be great fun.


01. Time to Run
02. Oh Yeah
03. Strong
04. 21!?
05. Filth
06. Rebel
07. Nothing Going on
08. Loverboy
9. Payback Time
10. Boneyard

Label: Global Music
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: December 3rd 2010