Innocent Weakness
Style: Metal with touches of Death and Goth
Release date: May 14th 2010

Where are you going, Mandrake?

A female fronted band that wants to be goth and at the same time death metal with a male growler - hey, we've seen that before. It can work.

In the case of this German outfit, it doesn't, though.

The songs are pointing in all directions and there's no unifying factor that creates a complete album. Intentions are good, I suppose, with a few fine parts of heavy, groovy guitars - like the beginning of Autumn Infinity - but on the, this is long, long album full of repetition, goth clichees and songs that grip you just about as hard as a teddy bear would.

And the lyrics for Among The Demons...where is that I've heard them before?! Oh, wait, a Danish demo band made a chorus just like 1994! Wonder if that band still exists?

Next, please.


01. Prelude
02. A Secret to Reveal
03. Save Us from Ourselves
04. A Serenade to the Sea
05. Among the Demons
06. Innocence
07. Autumn Inifinity
08. Coma
09. Indignation
10. Existence
11. Silhouette
12. Weakness

Label: Greyfall
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: June 28th 2010