Style: Apocalyptic Metal (?)
Release date: May 28th 2010

I'll show you a bit of the promo material for this one:

The xorgosh chronicles

War was raging on xorgosh between the tribes of mauchians, Cugothians and nangorian hordes of cannibals.
After the siege and eventual downfall of ultrosstus, metropolis of the Nangorian empire, the cugothians turned against their allies in an attempt to
overthrow the mauchians and to gain complete control over xorgosh.

The nangorians saw their chance to eliminate their enemies and attacked in a Sudden onslaught.

This final battle eventually led to the complete destruction of the whole Planet. Only a small number of cugothian cyberzerker-warriors, the Mammutants, escaped in a small spacecraft, roaming through the galaxy in Search for planets full of new meat.

Next stop:


And this is where you either go 'Hey, that's pretty cool!' or 'Sheet, that's bloody silly'. Given the fact that we already have Gwar on this wretched planet, I'm mostly inclined to go for the latter.

Yes, it is a bit silly.

That aside, I don't think the music from the Xorgoshian (?) outfit is half bad. But I warn you; you have to be an old-school death metal mood. What this comes closest to, somehow, is Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore'. Yes, I know that some out there will probably accuse me of all sorts of nasty things for saying this, but I keep reminiscing and digging out mental images of a very, very young Chuck Schuldiner who churned out some heavy music so many years ago.

I think 'Atomizer' is just that. Fairly slow, really heavy death metal without much variation - the old-school way. Take it or leave it  - methinks it's alright.

Silly concepts or not.


01. Annibals (1:18)
02. Kutulu Rising (5:02)
03. Seasons Of The Wolfes (4:26)
04. Atomizer (4:39)
05. Take No Prisoners (3:51)
06. Enter Bukatha (1:16)
07. The Fall Of Trosstus (4:00)
08. Paradise Of Flesh 3(:51)
09. Kamuula Karmaljakk (4:11)
10. Vermingod (4:12)
11. Cyberincarcer-Ation (4:01)
12. Brainslugs (3:57)

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: May 27th 2010
Website: Mammutant @ MySpace