Beauty in Chaos
Style: Modern Hard Rock
Release date: August 9th 2010

Danish newcomers Malrun tries on "Beauty in Chaos", their debut album, and a balance act; mixing 90's US Hard Rock (Creed) with more modern sounds (melocore) and with great success I might add. What on paper might look strange works for most parts very well, and the combination sounds fresh and vibrant.

Sure there are parts I think works better than others, but as a whole I think they've managed to balance the influences out really well. Some of the more emo-core vocal lines really bug me, and vocalist Jacob LÝbner clearly has his strength in the more melodic parts, but it is not enough to spoil the overall picture.

A good and solid album with a few hick-ups that are easily corrected. Malrun shows with this album that there is room for this kind of combination of styles, and they should gain some recognition for their efforts, also beyond the Danish borders.

01. Intro
02. Ostracized
03. Strapped While You Dance
04. Caught Between Your Legs
05. Wounded Pride
06. Rise From Sorrow
07. Winter's Kiss
08. The Jovian Transit
09. Unsealed
10. The Pledge
11. Trim the Fat
12. Rearranging
Label: Mighty Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 2nd 2010