Style: Progressive Death Metal
Release date: May 21st 2010

Malchus hails from Poland and they have prior to this release done four demos and played a lot of local shows. "Didymos" shows a band that tries to unite heavy guitar sounds with technical keyboard playing, sort of combining Dream Theater with Opeth, and only with some success.

The song writing and technical level is not quite where you would expect a new, recording band to be and they do try to bring something unexpected to the platter without much success. But in their defence everything is totally ruined by a horrible and poor production, which makes it very hard for the listener to pick things apart.

Malchus has a long way to go, everything needs to take a step or two up, beginning with a better production and better vocals, which sound forced and uneven. I am pretty convinced the picky metal community won't take notice of them until that happens...

01. Intro
02. Lost at Sea
03. Didymos
04. Malchus
05. Passio
06. Sign of God
07. All the Glory
08. Holy Hypocrisy
09. Ressurectio
Label: Soundmass
Distribution: Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 4th 2010