Made of Hate
Style: Thrashy Power Metal
Release date: August 27th 2010

I'm a sucker for all things from power metal to ultra heavy thrash. When I read that Made of Hate plays a kind of thrashy power metal, I couldn't resist putting this CD on my reviewing list. Without hearing a single note, not even on their MySpace site I was very curious and my expectations were very high. These Poles released their debut 'Bullet in Your Head' back in 2008 and the biggest difference is that Radek Polrolnicszak takes care of the vocals this time instead of playing rhythm guitar. On their debut, lead guitarist Mike Kostrzynski took care of the vocals.

I read a few reviews on the internet about their debut and there were some negative comments on the vocal part and I think that's why they decided to make this change. Musically these Polish have their thing going. The thrashy music with nice melodic guitar parts is quite o.k. It is a kind of combination of Children of Bodom with Arch Enemy with a dose of power metal. In every song you can hear the talented guitar parts and solos from Mike. Mike Kostrzynski is the main man in the band, since he is also responsible for the song-writing and the lyrics.

Now we have come to the most critical part. How are Radek's vocal performances? Because I was very interested in the vocals on the debut I decided to listen to their MySpace just to hear for myself whether these vocals were actually so bad. I have to say that they were not the best ones I've heard, but listening to the vocals on this album I have no idea why they changed it. I don't think they improved on that part. Radek sounds more brutal, but he barks too much and sounds very forced. I don't think he fits the music better. Those who have the debut at home should decide which vocals they like better, but this is my personal view.

Musically there is nothing wrong with this second album, the vocals are again the weakest part and 37 minutes music (for a full price) and only 8 songs for a CD is too short nowadays (perhaps only Slayer can get away with it), we don't live in the LP era anymore.


01. Friend

02. Russian Roulette

03. You, Departed

04. I Can't Believe

05. Lock'n Load

06. Pathogen

07. False Flag

08. Questions

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: August 24th 2010