Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti
Style: Black Metal
Release date: February 16th 2009
Playing time: 44:00

Luctus is one specimen within the unending proliferation of 1-man-Black-Metal-bands. Generally speaking, such projects might be fun and challenging for the individual concerned and possibly demonstrate his multitasking skills as a musician. For the listener, however, it makes no difference in that he still needs to connect with the music in the same way he does for a multi-membered band. With this in mind, how does "Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti" fare?

Well, to be honest it's hard to pin-point anything deserving of a long attention-span although the production and musicianship are adequate, if inconsistent. The Black Metal in "Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti" is reminiscent of Carpathian Forest and even early Venom but also has several harmonies that give the sonic violence of the music greater contextual power. Another thing I also appreciated is the use of a 'human' drummer instead of a drum machine. OK, strictly speaking that makes Luctus a 2-man band although it's still Kommander L. who runs the whole show.

In reply to the question most of you are definitely asking, the "Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti" of the title is Lithuanian for "Feeling The End Is Near". In fact all the album's lyrics are in Lithuanian language. They seem to represent a snapshot of the world moments before its demise and postulates on what mankind's priorities might be in such a scenario. I'm just thinking aloud here but seeing that the band's raison d'etre is closely linked with Lithuania, I would have liked to hear elements from Lithuanian traditional music somehow fitted into the Black Metal of Luctus.

Ultimately a satisfactory effort - nothing more, nothing less.


01. Mors omnia solvit (1:42)
02. Jaučiant pabaigą arti (4:12)
03. Akimirka pries mirtį (4:39)
04. Zalčio zvilgsnis (2:57)
05. G.Z.R. (5:06)
06. Tarp dulkių ir netrukus dulkėse (3:27)
07. Paskutinį kartą (5:10)
08. Lapkričio speigas (3:52)
09. Tikrovės iliuzija (5:22)
10. Eilinio mirtis (3:32)
11. Zingsniai į begalybę (4:01)

Label: Ledo Takas Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: December 3rd 2010