Liv Kristine
Style: Pop/rock
Release date: August 27th 2010

When I sit down and listen to the music I receive, I naturally enough first wear my metal specs. If they don't work, I'll wear the rock specs. And, again, if they don't work either, I go for the last option; the completely open-minded we'll-take-it-for-what-it-is specs.

The lovely Liv Kristine, Norwegian expat in Germany, song bird and a goth sex symbol of sorts, has released her second solo album.

And the metal specs didn't work at all. No response.
The rock specs...there was a slight reaction on the indicators, but enough to really call it rock music.
The open-mindedness specs had to be worn, then, so be it.

I have to conclude that this is a professional album. It sounds good. Liv's voice is as lovely as ever, her talent and qualities as always indeniable.
I believe my wife wouldn't complain if I put this album on as background music. It certainly wouldn't hurt neither her nor the kids. Actually, it's not likely to touch or move anyone.

What I'm saying is; for all my attempts at being open-minded and taking this for what it is on its own terms, 'Skintight' is nothing but a boring round of saucy pop music that can not in no way touches my heart or soul.

Next, please.


01. Skintight (3:18)
02. Twofold (3:07)
03. Train To Somewhere (3:33)
04. Love In Grey (4:09)
05. Emotional Catastrophies (2:43)
06. Lifeline (3:04)
07. Boy at the Window (3:45)
08. Wonders (3:11)
09. Versified Harmonies (4:12)
10. The Rarest Flower (4:04)

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: August 29th 2010