Beyond the Threshold of Death

Death Metal

Release date: June 6th 2010

If you are a sucker for traditional Swedish death metal, you will be very pleased with 'Beyond the Threshold of Death'. There is no denying that these Germans play death metal going back to the core. I could probably make this review as long as I want, but it would not add anything to it.


I will keep it short, fans of early Dismember, Entombed and Unleashed will go mad about this record. It is no coincidence that Lifeless plays a cover with the title "Casket Garden". DM fans know, which band wrote the original, good record for the genre.


01. Intro

02. Entombed in Unknown Graves

03. Retaliation

04. Seed of Hatred

05. The Final Sacrifice

06. Beyond the Threshold of Death

07. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross

08. In the End... (of Life)

09. Casket Garden

Label: Ibex Moon Records
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 25th 2010