Lethal Saint
Lethal Saint
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: February 9th 2010

As soon as this eponymous debut started spinning I felt catapulted back to the time of my childhood/youth, a happy time devoted to hanging out with young bands who were trying to put together what could vaguely be called songs without giving a damn about fame and fortune. During that same time we’d also be playing air-guitar to (then) obscure bands such as Armored Saint, Brocas Helm, Sarcofagus, Overkill, Raven and Omen. From my point of view, Lethal Saint seems to come out of this very context.

The album “Lethal Saint” sounds very much like a Demo with a weak production and abundance of clichés, both musically and lyrically. Its major drawback, however, is the band’s rhythm section – the drumming sounds mediocre and the riffs are bland as best. The guitar solos sound amateurish and, from an aesthetic point-of-view, the album’s artwork is terrible too. Meanwhile, the Rob Halford-ish vocals somewhat manage to raise the album’s standard.

Despite all the album’s blemishes, the band’s manifest honesty and dedication to this genre of Metal makes “Lethal Saint” endearing and somehow enjoyable. It’s not an album you would be listening to repeatedly but, for an old-school Metal aficionado, it could be a fascinating component of a comprehensive record collection.


01. Chains of the Devil
02. Final Prayer
03. Thunder Strikes
04. Evil Inside
05. Heavy Metal Knights
06. You’re a Sinner
07. Night of the Sin
08. Rock ‘N’ Roll Survivor
09. Visions in the Night
10. Midnight Warriors
11. Wild in the Night
12. Lethal Saint

Label: Pitch Black Records
Distribution: Pitch Black Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: March 21st 2010
Website: Lethal Saint @ MySpace