Style: Neo-classical Metal
Release date: November 10th 2009

Leonardo surely wears their influences on the outside; Rainbow and Deep Purple are the godfathers, Stratovarius, Symphony X and Time Requiem their offspring’s and their Metal God is none other than Yngwie J. Malmsteen. And like so many other neo-classical metal bands they are also heavily influenced by classical music.

Leonardo has absolutely nothing to do with the high profiled project "Leonardo: The Absolute Man" involving James LaBrie (Dream Theater) and Wayne and Trent Gardner (Magellan) among many. This band hails from Belgrade, Serbia and has been around in some form since 2001.

I think "Armageddon" is a fresh breath of air, not because they offer anything new nor are they super tight and the vocals are even a bit off here and there, but they stick to their formula and their influences are so obvious that there is no point in denying. But they deliver everything a true neo-classical metal fan wish for in an album: loads of classical influenced songs packed with splendid guitar leads, keyboard leads and duels between them.

We do not see that many neo-classical albums at the moment and "Armageddon" is good enough to put Leonardo on the map.


01. Armageddon Has Come (4:32)
02. I Still Believe (5:03)
03. Crusade (4:22)
04. Set My Heart on Fire (4:42)
05. I Can't Live Without You (5:29)
06. Renaissance Affair (5:18)
07. Shelter in the Night (4:39)
08. Gone Too Far (5:03)
09. Dogs of War (5:06)
10. Save Me (5:23)
11. Awakening (0:53)

Label: Heart of Steel Records
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Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 24th 2010
Website: Leonardo @ MySpace