Style: A relaxing one...
Release date: October 10th 2010
Playing time: 66:00

When Kenn asked if anyone was interested in reviewing a couple of soundtrack-like releases, I thought it might be nice to hear what that was all about. Honestly, when the two CD's arrived and I looked at this one, 'Cinematic' by Polish quartet Lebowski, I said to myself 'oh, no, this look really, really dull!' The cover looks like something by an alternative British crap band from the nineties my wife has somewhere in our basement.

But, lo and behold!, what was revealed to my slightly hesitant ears was a true relief! Rather than the semi-rock album I had anticipated, 'Cinematic' turned out to be an ocean of sound. It's rock and jazz and ambience and prog in one brilliant conglomerate. Although relaxing, it never gets boring because it's diverse and surprising without big bangs. It's instrumental too, apart from the aetheric voice of Kasia DzÝubak on 137 Sec. and Old British Spy Movie and the samples from films that have been used here and there.

Is it a sign of oncoming old age that I like this? Trust me, I'm a bit baffled too, but nevertheless; I love this album and just know that it'll be one that I will pick from the collection from time to time. If nothing else, then when I need to sit back, close my eyes and swim away to a place that is just filled with good sounds. Amazing.


01.Trip to Doha

02. 137 Sec.

03. Cinematic
04. Old British Spy Movie
05. Iceland
06. Encore
07. Aperitif for Breakfast (O.M.R.J)
08. Spiritual Machine
09. The Storyteller (Svensson)
10. Human Error

Label: None
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: December 19th 2010
Website: www.lebowski.pl