The Last Felony
Too Many Humans
Style: Death Metal
Release date: July 26th 2010

For those who may discover them by reading this, The Last Felony is a five year old ensemble aiming to become a representation of choice of the so-called "Montreal style", but what is this? You ask me, I'd say it's an eclectic style comprising elements of the brutal genres in metal, read core-ish death-metal or black-metal with grindcore vocals. Another try to describe the above mentioned genre would be new-school death with elements of hardcore.

Still not sure? Well, nice trick to bring you to get hold of the soon to be released record by The Last Felony.

Their Too many humans  is in brief an angry, misanthropic record, composed of tracks that end abruptly, because, if you let me guess, the red thread is steered by some lyrics above average. I happen to find the titles quite appealing and I hope this goes for you too.

The vocals are rather predominant, which is not a bad thing, but as they are quite demanding for the ear, they might repulse the attempts of undeterminate newbies.

Underneath the thick raging curtain displayed throughout Too many humans, there hides music I hope to hear more of, be it to finally grasp what THE last felony is (as a self-pronounced misanthrope I have some theories).

My final words and piece of advice: play more with nuances next time and good luck, guys!


01. We are future Housing Developments
 for Maggots
02. Too many humans
03. No one would notice if you died
04. Do not defend me
05. Quandary
06. Most unclean
07. Overrated Existence
08. Televisionary
09. Water Cooler Suicide
10. A Cathedral of Flesh and Fluids
 (Europe only bonus)

Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: June 16th 2010