The Hallowed Design
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: December 18th 2009

What does bands like Be'Lakor, Cog, The Butterfly Effect, Unitopia, Vauxdvihl, Voyager and now Laycrymae all have in common? First off all; they do all come the land down-under known as Australia, secondly they do all work in some way within the confines of progressive music and thirdly; they are all pushing the boundaries and trying to sound unique from Day One.

I think if I have to compare Lacrymae with another band I would say that they are where Voyager was with their debut album "Element V". And both bands hail from the remote city of Perth in Western Australia. Lacrymae do not limit themselves, and do not follow any trends and have incorporated so many styles and influences into five small masterpieces; each one of them showing a band with confidence and skills.

Their powerful and innovative style is influenced by bands like: Tool, Opeth, Mercenary, Orphaned Land, Nevermore, Symphony X and Voyager and as strange a combination this might sound like I think they have pulled it off in style. They are not afraid to use throw in some real heavy and aggressive parts complete with fast beats and growling vocals or to mix things up with a part sung in Italian, which just shows some of the diversity these five songs possess.

They are not quite there yet; they need to define and refine their sound; work on some of the melody lines and sharpen things up a bit. But this is a very good beginning and I am sure we will great things from them in the future...

01. The Forgotten
02. Violenza
03. Theorem
04. Handel's Apocalyse
05. The Hallowed Design
Label: Unsigned
Distribution: Firestarter Distribution
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 26th 2010
Website: Lacrymae @ MySpace