Black Days
Style: Progressive psychedelic avant-garde Metal
Release date: May 17th 2010

The band Tool is the leader of the avant-garde metal scene, but they don't produce new albums every year, fortunately for Tool fans there is Klone, a kind of alternative to come through the years. You should consider buying the new Klone album. Is Klone a Tool clone? No, definitely not.

They bring in elements of all kind of bands, like Alice in Chains, Mastodon, Pantera and, and, lots more I think. A potpourri of elements, embedded in songs with a head and a tail. Not easy to listen to the first time, but when you take the time, it blossoms. The progressive tempo-changes have something Opeth-like, "Rite of Passage" and "Rain Bird" are inspired by Tool, "Behold the Silence" has Mastodon influences and the Bjork cover "Army of Me" is totally different from the rest of the stuff, but they made it the heaviest song on the album.

This is a modern post-grunge avant-garde album with progressive songs. A kind of mixture of Tool, Alice in Chains and Mastodon. If this attracts your attention, you will be very pleased with this album.


01. Rite of Passage

02. Spiral Down

03. Give Up the Rest

04. Hollow Way

05. Immaculate Desire

06. Closed Season

07. The Spell is Cast

08. Danse Macabre

09. Rain Bird

10. Behold the Silence

11. Army of Me

Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist E-shop
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 10th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/klone