Kissin' Dynamite
Addicted to Metal
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 26th April 2010

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!. I love this job when I get surprised like this \m/

I thought "Steel of Swabia”, Kissin' Dynamite's debut was an outstanding album. Now they have followed that one up with another ball to wall album. The album starts off with "Addicted To Metal" with special guest Udo Dirkschneider chiming in. This song itself could have fitted on any Accept album from the '80s. Great chorus and "Addictive" as hell. "Run for Your Life" & "Supersonic Killer" follow this up and they are packed with the same virtuosity & energy as the opening track. Then things take a sharp left turn, because the young German lads do a cover of Damn Yankees' "High Enough", which is a great cover by the way..

"Love Me Hate Me" I could take or leave, "Hysteria" (not the Def Leppard) song gets things back on track, sounding very much like Edguy..., which brings me to the only complaint I have with Kissin' Dynamite; I don't know if Kissin' Dynamite want to be a Heavy Metal band or a Hard Rock band, because there are some tracks that kick your ass with blistering guitars and thunderous drums like Manowar or Saxon on the tracks I mentioned above and also: "In the Name of the Iron Fist"..., but then there are some tracks that sound like they are trying to be classic stadium '80s Hard Rock, but this is nit picking because "Addicted To Metal" is the complete package and after 1 listen you will be ADDICTED TO METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01. Addicted To Metal
02. Run For Your Life
Supersonic Killer
04. High Enough
05. Love Me Hate Me
06. Hysteria
07. All Against All
08. In The Name Of The Iron Fist
09. Assassins Of Love
10. Why Can't You Hear Me
11. We Want More
12. Metal Nation
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: May 11th 2010