Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: May 17th 2010

I know that when I review new music I tend to pin point a style and bands that sound similar or have influenced the band in question. And the style Kingcrow play on this, their fourth album is progressive metal, draws references to bands like Queensr˙che, as well as the Swedish progressive metal scene without having all too much in common soundwise. But their way of incorporating Spanish guitars, piano and acoustic guitars in general do have some common ground with a band like Pain of Salvation.

Maybe I am getting harder to please, but "Phlegethon" is like so many other progressive metal releases these days; it has a very good and clear production, has a close to flawless deliverance and the technical level is very high, but the album never really ignites nor does it give me the chills when I listen to it. But that is not the same as calling this album a failure, by no means!

"Phlegethon" is without a doubt Kingcrow's best and most complete album to date, and the songs are strong and well written. A very solid and very pleasing album that surely will find its fans, I do however miss one or two exceptional songs that would elevate it into higher territories.

01. The Slide
02. Timeshift Box
03. Islands
04. The Great Silence
05. Lullaby For an Innocent
06. Evasion
07. Numb (Incipit, Climax & Coda)
08. Washing out memories
09. A new life
10. Lovocaine
11. Fading Out Pt. III
12. Phlegethon
Label: Scarlet Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 27th 2010