Sign of Angels
Style: Melodic hardrock
Release date: September 24th 2010

Well... this CD called íSign of Angelsí from ISSA is certainly a nice surprise in my book.


The band is a female fronted melodic rock/hardrock/metal band that really knows how to knit together a bundle of catchy songs... I can tell you that.


We get 12 songs... mostly mid-tempo songs... and a few semi-ballads. But what really surprises me is the high level of the songs. And even though that Iím sure Iíve heard every riff and every chorus before I still find the material catchy, refreshing and positive. I find myself humming the songs in the middle of the streets and Iím sure you will too.


The band sound professional and singer ISSA really deserves to be heard. Her voice is all over this release and she can easily compete with the best of them in my opinion.


Everything is wrapped up in a crystal clear production that makes ĎSign of Angelsí even more enjoyable.


- So... thereís no way around this CD if the melodic side of hardrock is your thing.


Thatís all folks.


01. Angels Crying 

02. I'm Alive

03. Give Me A Sign

04. River Of Love

05. What Can I Do

06. Closer

07. Unbelieveable

08. How Will I Know

09. As I Live And Breathe

10. Flying High

11. It's Not Me

12. Fallen Angel

Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 58/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: September 26th 2010
Website:  -