Valley of Smoke
Style: Experimental / Progressive / Metal
Release date: November 22nd 2010
Playing time: 49:37

INTRONAUT is a band that started out in 2004 and ever since their beginning they haven't stopped at what they're doing - and what they do is write excellent albums and tour... Since starting out they've released 2 EPs and 2 full-lengths and are now back with a new progressive-metal masterpiece - "Valley of Smoke".

"Valley of Smoke" is the band's third release and after the bands previous release "Prehistoricisms" it's clear that this band has evolved into exactly what they want to. There can be no mistake that the finished product of "Valley of Smoke" is exactly what the guys had in mind when writing and recording it.

The genre is Progressive Metal with certain Experimental and even Improvised-sounding elements to it. It's heavy but it still tends to the more soothing elements without ever loosing an inch of momentum. The band is very accomplished in their songwriting as can be heard on songs like "Above", "Sunderance" and "Core Relations" where the guys really display their sťance of music as well as showing off their vast experience as musicians.

If you're a fan of Cynic, At The Drive-In and even Meshuggah, go check out their MySpace and when "Valley of Smoke" hits the stores - go buy it!!

01. Elegy (6:36)
02. Above (6:10)
03. Miasma (7:51)
04. Sunderance (3:29)
05. Core Relations (6:39)
06. Below (4:22)
07. Valley Of Smoke (8:34)
08. Past Tense (5:56)
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Thomas 'Hotdogger' Egede
Date: October 26th 2010