Infeccion Mundial
Style: Thrash
Release date: 2010

From a thrash metal point of view we can consider that we already pick up the lavish fruits from the Mexican excursion to California. It appears that Europe still does not notice the Colombian thrash metal phenomena. It occurs that a new tsunami is coming from Costa Rica… and its name is INFERNO.


In reference to the information concerning the band it could be said that they are real adherents to the existential reductionism. The demo “Infeccion Mundial (World Infection)” is not only a virtual one, but the four songs are uploaded in the MySpace profile of INFERNO in non specific order. This somehow scares with the chaos and also landed me in the modern world.


The first demo of INFERNO is recorded by the trio formation. The cleared up thrash concept gets near the European school. The exceptional successful riffs remind a lot of KREATOR but without any coping. The four compositions are mellow and resemble one to another as style. Each of them has a fast punk-core part reminding of the early American mosh scene. The harsh vocal, without any unnecessary singing, and the Spanish lyrics are in the framework of the best traditions of the Latin-American music resistance. 


The social topics of INFERNO take the dimensions of the classic thrash idea. The primary expression straightforwardness of the trio has brought the decision not to record rhythm guitars beneath the guitar solos, which is a serious minus of the demo.


INFERNO have the mission to be the best thrash band in Costa Rica. Although the primary production of the demo, I believe them.


01. Entre sangre de muertos
02. Infeccion Mundial
03. Tras las consecuencias
04. Coltan

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: April 30th 2010