Imperium Dekadenz
Procella Vadens
Style: Black Metal-ish
Release date: January 18th 2010

I probably said it before, but I'll happily repeat it for new readers: I'm not a big fan of Black Metal. Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, yes, certainly, Emperor, even, and then the more alternative approaches, like Arcturus or Burzum (nevermind the man's idiotic behaviour).

The Darkthrones, Mayhems and Immortals of this world have given me very little beside headache with their shitty production and their shrill hystericism.

There is a hint of the latter in Imperium Dekadenz's music, admitted, but fortunately, they offer the listener a great deal more as well, and that makes 'Procella Vadens' an by all means listen-worthy effort.

It is the diversity that defines this album. You can sense this even before listening to it: the then titles are in either German, Latin, English or French. That alone can provoke my curiosity.

Of the ten tracks on the album, A Millions Moons, Oceans, Mountains Mirror and Ego Universalis are the most straight-forward, heavy metal influenced songs, and thus the least interesting, whereas the piano sections, acoustic guitar pieces and female vocals (The Descent into Hades) of the remaining tracks help creating an album with a lot of atmosphere and, well, yeah, really pleasant and relaxing music.

A fine collection of music, this is.


01. Die Hoffnung stirbt...
02. Lacrimae Mundi
03. A Million Moons
04. Ego Universalis
05. A La Nuit Tombante
06. An Autumn Serenade
07. Ocean, Mountains Mirror
08. The Descent into Hades
09. Procella Vadens
10. ...Wenn der Sturm beginnt

Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: January 31st 2010