One Ticket to Paradise
Style: Melodic Hard Rock
Release date: June 18th 2010

Fresh out of the box this sound so American that it is hard to believe that Hungryheart is actually from Italy. Their sound has roots in the melodic hard rock scene, late 80s and early 90s with bands like White Lion, Giant, Lillian Axe and the likes popping up here and there... Biggest influence is however from a small band from New Jersey: Bon Jovi.

This album oozes of party rock, fun, summer and happiness, and every corner of the genre is covered at least a couple of times. And Hungryheart brings absolutely nothing new to the genre, they are not extraordinary musicians or song writers, the vocalist has a slight accent and the production is rather dull... So why do I like it... because it rocks and moves me in the same those bands did back then.

A nostalgia trip brought to you by an Italian band that knows how to rock!

And yes, "Man in the Mirror" is a cover version of Michael Jackson - done with a Hungryheart twist, and it works and fit their style very well.

Good effort!
01. Stand Up (5:35)
02. One Ticket to Paradise (5:08)
03. Let Somebody Love You (5:47)
04. Boulevard of Love (4:40)
05. A Million Miles Away (6:17)
06. Angela (3:54)
07. Love is the Right Way (1:44)
08. Let's Keep Tryin' (4:37)
09. Just a Little Closer (4:50)
10. Get Lost (3:54)
11. Man in the Mirror (4:47)
12. You Won't Be Alone (5:21)
Label: Tanzan Music/Fastball Music
Distribution: Sony Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 29th 2010