Vagabond Bones
Style: Classic Rock
Release date: January 15th 2010

Canadian rockers Helix, known for hits "Rock You" and "Deep Cuts the Knife," have just released their 12th studio album in 35 years, "Vagabond Bones."

Reuniting with the '80s lineup, mainstay vocalist Brian Vollmer and the boys don't know how to quit; it's not in them to give up. This determination has led to their perseverance in the music business and is the reason why they are still around in 2010. Helix have kept creating new music and have developed a loyal fan base throughout the years by continuously touring. The trademark sound — great hooks and harmonious choruses — is intact. Vollmer and Co. have always had a knack for writing catchy songs,

With a voice that is strong and distinctive (credit his extensive Bell Canto training), Vollmer can still belt out the notes. And longtime guitarist Brent Doerner's guitar hooks are as infectious as ever. It's all about creating good songs for Vollmer and crew. Vollmer and former bass player Sean Kelly have struck up a writing kinship that seems to be pretty strong; they also produced the record with Aaron Murray.

Opener "The Animal Inside (Won't Be Denied)," "Go Hard Or Go Home," and the title track are classic Helix rockers. "Monday Morning Meltdown" is a catchy song with a groovy feel and great harmonies. "Hung Over But Still Hangin' In," a duet with fellow Canadian Russ Graham of the Killer Dwarfs, is an equally catchy number.

If '80s-style rock with big hooks and catchy chorues is your bag, then Helix's arsenal of rockin' tunes will not disappoint.


01. The Animal Inside (Won’t Be Denied)
02. Go Hard or Go Home
03. Vagabond Bones
04. Morning Morning Meltdown
05. When the Bitter's Get the Better Of You
06. Hung Over But Still Hanging In
07. Best Mistake I Never Made
08. Make 'Em Dance
09. Jack It Up

Label: Sound Pollution
Distribution: Rough Trade
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: January 11th 2010
Website: www.planethelix.com