Style: Polish Death Metal
Release date: November 15th 2010
Playing time: 48:26

HATE has been around for 20 years and released 7 full-lengths. Their style of 'industrial-' and 'blackmetal-' infused deathmetal has been perfected considerably over the years - lastly noted on releases like 'Morphosis' and 'Anaclasis' ...

... and with the bands upcoming full-length ('Erebos') they DO NOT disappoint in any way..!!

First of all, HATE offers much more than your typical polish deathmetalbands like Vader and Behemoth, which is very clear on 'Erebos'. The band successfully incorporates certain genres into their music and although the primary focus is on hardhitting brutality, they manage to mix it all up very well with; epic verses, powergrooves, melodic guitarsolos, soaring harmonies, 'industrial' twists - and of course their trademark heavy (thrashy) riffs - which in this case supplies 'Erebos' with a raw and powerful energy that surely will please every HATE-fan all over the world. The album is truly a journey into wellrounded songwriting, experienced musicianship and worldclass soundproduction - and is a fine example of polish perfection.

'Erebos' is the continuation of 'Morphosis' and the musical-progression of HATE that we've all been waiting 2 years for ...

01. Genesis (1:47)
02. Lux Aeterna (4:53)
03. Erebos (4:58)
04. Quintessence Of Higher... (4:45)
05. Trinity Moons (5:58)
06. Hero Cults (5:00)
07. Transsubstance (4:40)
08. Hexagony (5:26)
09. Wrists (5:05)
10. Luminous Horizon (5:58)
Label: Listenable Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Thomas 'Hotdogger' Egede
Date: October 13th 2010
Website: www.hate-metal.com