Forced to Fight
Style: Thrash
Release date: 2010

Within a few seconds you can hear that they hail from Germany and I mean this in a positive way. Links to bands like Kreator, Tankard, Destruction and Sodom can easily be heard. Besides these German influences there are links to some Bay-Area combo's (Exodus) too.

For a self-release, the album sounds very good. The traditional thrash is as heavy as an elephant and the drums are very tight. This is good old thrash the way it should be. Expect no new things, no complex song structures but just plain thrash. The only thing that might be irritating is the sound of Zottel's voice. Like many singers he has a 'you love it or hate it' sound. He could be the offspring of Dave Mustaine or Schmier suffering from a cold. I have to say that after a few spins I am used to it and it doesn't bother me.

All songs are of the same standard and every old-school thrash fan can find something he likes on this album. Just don't expect anything new, special or complex. A good thrash-album is like fucking; it's the same every time, but we love it.


01. Genocide

02. Little Brother

03. Under One Flag

04. We Are the Disease

05. Forced to Fight

06. Nothing

07. Song 2.0

08. Thrash Metal Union

09. Tongues of Decay

10. Final Escape

Label: Self Release
Distribution: www.hatchery-band.de
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March 3rd 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/hatcherymetal