Halcyon Way
Building the Towers
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: November 23rd 2010
Playing time: 59:38

You might understand my surprise when I put this album on, expecting them to pick off where they left us with A Manifesto for Domination in 2008, instead I am almost blown away by some very aggressive grunt, provided by bass player Kris Maltenieks and a guitar riff that could have been written by Jeff Waters (Annihilator)!

Halcyon Way does however fall a bit back in line and delivers many songs that have the spirit and groove of their debut album. But they are a lot heavier and harder, and the aggressive singing part of Kris Maltenieks is an intergraded part throughout the album. New vocalist Steve Braun (ex-Ashent) fits their style very well, and is a nice contrast in style to the more aggressive style of Kris.

"Building the Towers" is technical, song wise and production wise a step forward, but I do again fear that they will fall into the same trap as with their last album; a household name to a few, unknown to many, as I wrote in my last Halcyon Way review: First class progressive metal done by outstanding musicians, ignored by the masses...

But do give this one a chance if you like bands like: Power of Omens, Magnitude Nine and Redemption.


01. Rise to Revise (05:40)
02. Death of a Dream (06:00)
03. The Age of Betrayal (05:13)
04. The System (05:02)
05. Inversion (05:48)
06. Mouth without a Head (05:40)
07. Desecration Day (05:08)
08. Icon of Resolution (05:45)
09. Inside Looking Out (The Icon & The Ghost) (08:20)
10. Building the Towers (06:32)

Label: Nightmare Records
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 12th 2010
Website: www.halcyonway.com