Horn Triskelion
Style: Viking/Folk Metal
Release date: April 9th 2010

Gwydion's journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends with the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture. It took several years before they recorded their 2008 debut "Ynys Mön". 2 years later they release this successor. As I read in the info Gwydion must be one of the more popular acts on the Portuguese metal scene. With a record deal and more intensive promotion they try to get foot on the ground in the rest of Europe.

The music reminds me of a kind of mix between early Finntroll, Turisas, Alestorm and Heidevolk. After the intro the epic bombastic symphonic folksy metal with growls and screaming vocals and lots of gang-singing sets off. The use of many keyboards makes the songs melodic and very catchy. In track 4 the high female vocals give this song something extra. In several of the songs the accordion tunes (keyboard) get into the spot-light, this works out very well. Take for example "Mead of Poetry", a song to which you will be dancing around with a beer in the hand and a girl in the other. I'm sure you will certainly sing along with the lalalalala lalalalala lalalalalalelela heu parts.

Besides accordion they use the pipes (done with keyboard, but very well done) too. I caught myself enjoying this CD more and more after each spin. At first I thought it was the next average folk metal CD in a row, but the nice arranged songs and the exciting compositions makes this record one I like better.


01. The Departure

02. Fara I Viking

03. From Hell to Asgard

04. Oflússa ( A Terra Das Serpentes)

05. Mead of Poetry

06. Triskelion Horde is Nigh

07. Odhinn's Cult

08. At the Sumbel

09. Cold Tempered

10. The Terror of the Northern

11. Six Trials to Become a Beerzeerker

Label: SMP/Trollzorn Records
Provided by: Metal Revelation
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March 27th 2010