Bloody Pit of Horror
Style: Heavy/Thrash Metal
Release date: November 12th 2010
Playing time: 37:28

The mighty GWAR have returned with another slab of their monstrous metal, Bloody Pit of Horror, through Metal Blade Records, their 12th full-length release. The music on Bloody Pit of Horror is as heavy as they've been on their previous four releases. The album's title comes from the movie of the same name.
The band's use of horror themes, humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and song titles ("Tick-Tits") are still here, delivered with a pummeling punk-tinged formula that has been working for GWAR for over 20 years.
Something that GWAR never seems to get credit for is their musicianship. There's always been a weird dichotomy between their look and their music. But behind those rubber latex monster costumes lie musicians that can really play. The double bass ability and crystal clear bell cymbal technique of Jizmak Da Gusha (Brad Roberts) is solid, which adds a certain dynamic to the songs. Guitarist Flattus Maximus' (Cory Smoot) brilliantly blazing leads and riffs all over this disc.
What was originally going to be a Smoot/Brockie side project, turned into a new GWAR album, just a little over a year after their last release, Lust in Space. Oderus (Dave Brockie) is, well, the Oderus we all know and love. His sinister growls and one of a kind vocal delivery is still his trademark.
The title track is split into four parts. "Pt. 1- Zombies March," is in true GWAR fashion - a straight ahead thrash assault with Oderus' banter on top of a down tuned guitar and heavy low end bass sound. The fast and furious drumming drives the song along. "Beat You To Death" is a thrash monster sung by bassist Beefcake the Mighty (Casey Orr). "Hail Genocide" is already a live favorite. Smoot's guitar leads are met with some melody and a chanting chorus. CD closer "Sick and Twisted" is a funky romp with an odd time signature and a cool anthemic shout-along chorus.
With Bloody Pit of Horror, it's what you always get from GWAR - great horror-themed metal with a sense of humor. If you're an avid GWAR fan, you can't go wrong with this release.

01. The Bloody Pit of Horror - Pt.1 - Zombies March!
02. The Bloody Pit of Horror - Pt. 2 - Come the Carnivore
03. The Bloody Pit of Horror - Pt.3 - A Gathering of Ghouls
04. The Bloody Pit of Horror - Pt.4 - Storm Is Coming
05. Tick-Tits
06. Beat You to Death
07. You Are My Meat
08. Hail, Genocide!
09. KZ Necromancer
10. The Litany of the Slain
11. Sick and Twisted
Label: AFM Reocrds
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: November 4th 2010